Horror Cabaret is a creative research project, which seeks to build a performative communication between acting/performing, literature, music/sound design and visual arts (including photography, painting, video, sculpture, installation). The relation between live performance and new possibilities of technology (such as digital media, sound design, interaction design, internet) is the main field of practical research. Naturally, to concern various performance practices of such fields defines the research process as a creative one.

During the theoretic discussions about the realization of this research, we needed to start from the creativity itself, before we try to build a performative language in-between its different practices. Questioning the creativity directed us to handle it within the social life, so we found it necessary to reach a comparative comprehension of the being creative and the social systems held by human being, which can be seen as a creative product as well. The capitalist system, apart from any other social systems established  by mankind since thousands of years, has been realizing itself in everywhere in the world, each day. Therefore, to be able to understand the properties of creativity and its connection with the social systems, means of capitalism have become our priority to start with this very situation that we experience everyday.

The first path of theoretic researches has been made on Deleuze & Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus, together with Artaud’s and Grotowsky’s acting theories and methods. Departing from here, the relationship of capitalism with the individual is to be regarded in accordance with the mechanisms of capitalist system to affect the individual’s creative process, the inner situation of performance, as well as daily life. In this context, the questions that we ask are primarily about the nature of creativity.